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Roger and Kathy
Roger and Kathy Pippa and Kate

Roger previous client referral

We have two rescue dogs, Pippa and Kate, each with their own issues that needed some of Ginny’s special attention.

The customized training she provided not only helped our girls, but also helped *us* to be better owners and be able to recognize that each dog required a unique style of interaction to help them through their training.

Both of our dogs are now treasured members of our family, and we’re so thankful for Ginny and her services. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Zina Boomer

Zina and Boomer, service dog

Ginny came to our rescue both professionally and personally after our previous Service Dog Trainer passed away unexpectedly.  It was extremely hard to find a person to fill this specific niche.

Ginny expertly stepped up to the challenge and made our transition super easy, fun, and educational.  Her training methods are creative and can be customized.

Furthermore, her rapport with both animals and people is exceptional.  She is superb trainer!

Beth and Dillon
Beth and Dillon Shooter
We were looking for a trainer for our 4 month old Golden Retriever, Shooter. We wanted someone who offered private in-home training, used only positive reinforcements methods and we wanted someone who was willing to work not only with me (the grown up) but our 10 year old son as well. After extensive research we decided Ginny was the best choice and there is no doubt we made the right decision. Ginny was professional, warm-hearted, and extremely positive not only with our pup but with both of us. Under Ginny’s guidance our son excelled at training Shooter.

Kid training dog Each week Ginny was prepared for class, gave us hand-out to help guide us through our homework, she explained and demonstrated each behavior, and always had answers to our questions. Shooter is now able to perform sit, down, stay, wait, place, drop it, leave it, roll-over, shake, high five, wave, spin, walks nicely on leash, and has a reliable recall. At 7 months old (May 2014) Shooter is still a puppy who loves to run crazy circles around the back yard, dart up and down the stairs in the house, pester our two 10 year old Goldens, and occasionally swipe a sock off of the closet floor; I tell you this because he is, after all, a puppy and puppies are never perfect. But because of our work with Ginny we know how to handle things when Shooter’s behavior goes beyond the typical puppy frenzy. We can calm him down by sending him to his “place,” and we can prevent him from eating the sock he swiped off the floor by telling him to “drop it.”

Honestly calling Ginny a trainer doesn’t do her justice, Ginny is a teacher. She teaches people how to work with their dogs, and she teaches dogs how to learn from their humans. If you are looking for an excellent teacher for you and your four-legged canine companion then Ginny is the perfect choice.

Emily Hank
We hired Ginny to help us train our four month old puppy (a golden retriever) some basic manners. She is so sweet and so good with our dog Hank. Ginny made it so easy for us to not only learn how to train him, but also helped us to understand that we are really trying to help Hank learn how to make the right decision himself.

golden retriever puppy We came into it without having had any prior experience with training a dog and after four in-home sessions we felt much more confident in dealing with our puppy and he made significant progress throughout his training sessions.

Ginny was always on time, always confirmed our appointments, and was very consistent. I have already recommended her to a couple of friends and will continue to do so! She was fantastic to work with!

Sheldon Spirit
The pursuit of Happiness. What does it mean to a young boy who in 1966 joined the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam as a combat Marine?

Happiness became a very elusive dream overshadowed by constant nightmares. At 62 I could no longer work and found myself going into a deep depression. My current rating at the VA is 100% due to PTSD. The doctors at the VA strongly recommended I get a dog for therapeutic reasons.

PTSD dog

The day did come when I went to pick up my new friend Spirit, an 8 week old Border Collie.

When I held him I started to cry because I found a friend that I could laugh and cry with, who would stay by my side and bring joy to my soul! My needs were specific. He was to be trained as my service dog.

I found out there are few trainers who understand the needs and have the skills necessary for training. Time went on and sadly Spirit was taking on my depression. The day came, through a referral from my Veterinarian, that I found someone that could help us.

Her name is Ginny Stover. Not only did she train Spirit to sense my needs, and for me to express them, but has become a very important person in our lives. Both Spirit and I look forward to seeing her. She has become a trusted friend to both of us. She’s absolutely incredible.

The one-on-one training has made Spirit and I as one. It’s absolutely incredible! I have found my Happiness and it came to me through Spirit and Ginny!

Sandy and Don
Sandy and Don Moe
As first-time dog owners, we realized shortly after we brought 3-year-old Moe home that we were in over our heads.

behavior modification dog

Early on, Ginny helped us learn how dogs think & naturally act so we could more fully understand where Moe was starting from as well as his reactions to our behavior and techniques.

She then provided us with guidance and many resources on training (obedience), exercising, play with and mentally stimulating Moe.

Sometimes she challenges us, but she always encourages us, which is exactly what we strive to do with Moe.

He loves it when she comes over, and so do we!

Ginny has a nice mix of technical knowledge and practical experience, as well as an ability to communicate it. She also has a good ability to read people and dogs. She listens to our take on things and responds with her more informed point of view. All while reminding us to keep it fun… for Moe and us.

Cindy Lucky
After losing our first puppy to liver disease, we took a chance adopting a 2nd puppy from a shelter. Not only were we adopting a puppy, but a deaf puppy. We named him Lucky. After adopting him we had a lot of people questioning how you could train a deaf dog. I told people, “Of course, you can train a deaf dog.” I said this without knowing how to actually do it.

Well, after careful research, I landed upon Ginny’s website. Right from the beginning, she was informative, upfront, sweet and very helpful. And, wouldn’t you know it, right before our very first appointment with Ginny, our Lucky got sick. Very sick. Our brand new puppy had a respiratory illness, but for a good week we didn’t know if he was going to make it. It took a full month for him to recover. And, despite the fact that we hadn’t had a chance to meet Ginny yet she was there for us the entire time. She was deeply concerned for him and for us and helped out as much as she could by checking in with me and answering a lot of my questions.

deaf dog training

Luckily, Lucky turned out to be alright and after he fully recovered we started up our training. To no surprise at all, Ginny was just as sweet and as affectionate in person. Both Lucky and I really loved her! He got excited every time it was her at the door.

Within a few weeks, Ginny helped me with all the basic training that I felt was important for Lucky to master. He and I have learned so much! She taught me how to train Lucky on my own and she explained that training a deaf dog is not much different than training a dog that can hear. Not only that, she gave me great advice on the best food, treats, pet beds, toys, you name it!

On the last day of our training, Lucky and I were really sad to see her go! Ginny is a special lady with a special gift! From the bottom of my heart, Ginny, thank you so much for helping me through Lucky’s illness and for giving hope to this beautiful dog, who might have otherwise been put down because he is deaf.

Janet (Foster Dog Trainer, THSD)
Janet (Foster Dog Trainer, THSD) Courage
Several characteristics are notable about Ginny as a dog trainer.

She is very positive with both the dog and handler and focuses on making training fun and interesting. She is insightful in problem solving.

hearing service assistance dogWhen problems arise, Ginny is able to look at a behavior and find solutions that are effective and workable. Ginny’s positive reinforcement and clicker training skills are top-notch and she is both creative and resourceful in her approach to training.

In addition, I’ve noted two things about Ginny that I find quite unusual among dog trainers.

First, she is as generous and patient in coaching handlers as she is with dogs. Ginny is rare in this. I’ve worked with many trainers in 30 years with dogs, but few are as good with people as with dogs.

Secondly, she is organized and disciplined. This serves her well in dog training and spills over into many skills that are part of being a true professional.

Henry Barb
pet partners therapy dog Meet Henry: A 3 year old miniature Schnauzer mix adopted form our local rescue shelter. He is a great little guy – never met a stranger and gives copious kisses but he wasn’t responding when I tried to teach him some basic obedience.

I called Ginny because I had hopes of certifying Henry with our local therapy dog group but he just wouldn’t do a down-stay. I was also having trouble convincing him not to jump up on people when he meets them. Ginny’s positive –reward approach to training worked wonderfully with Henry. By the end of the first session Henry was consistently doing a down-stay. As she started, Ginny explained what her plan was and why it works in the “dog’s world”. Plus she showed me what I needed to do on my own to make the behavior “stick”.

It was a GREAT experience for both Henry and me. In follow-up sessions, we worked on his excessive kissing and jumping up as well as improving his heeling. The good news…..I believe Henry is ready to be evaluated as a therapy dog – THANK YOU, GINNY!!!!!

obedience trained therapy dog


Barb & Henry are now certified as a Pet Partners team and visit Driscoll Children’s Hospital and the local library where they help children learn how to read better! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!