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Dog Trainer and puppy in spicewood, tx
Ginny’s passion for dog training  started in childhood. Her first dog, Koty, was a 10 week old Australian Shepherd with more energy than a tornado.

After an entire week of no sleep because of the constant barking, Ginny decided some dog training was in order. She took her to an obedience school that trained using compulsion based methods.

After 6 weeks, Ginny and Koty graduated with the highest honors. The training worked but Koty later developed some separation anxiety issues and several phobias (fireworks, thunderstorms, loud noises).

At the time, she can remember thinking “there’s got to be a better way to train” but didn’t stumble upon clicker training (positive reinforcement) until Koty was quite old.

Service Dog in Dripping Springs, Texas

After graduating from A&M with a Master’s degree in Ocean Engineering, Ginny & Koty moved back to Houston where she worked as a subsea engineer for close to 20 years.

She had the privilege of volunteering for South Texas Aussie Rescue as a foster Mom for almost 12 of those years. Most of the dogs that came through the rescue had little to no training.

It was while training these fosters that Ginny fell in love with positive dog training and realized that she had a genuine gift for working with dogs.


Wanting to learn more, Ginny signed up for Pat Millers’ Level I Intern Academy. Pat is a leader & pioneer in the dog training industry and her academy provides a solid foundation in training and behavior. Later she graduated (valedictorian) from Pat Miller’s Level II Behavioral Modification that focuses on both common and difficult behavior problems.

This opened up a door to work for Service Dogs, Inc. What fun she had! During her time at Service Dogs, Inc., Ginny successfully trained numerous service and hearing dogs and quickly became a lead trainer. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job was working with rescued shelter dogs and seeing them turn from unruly dogs into lifelong companions for someone with a disability. These “unwanted” dogs provided their partners with companionship, independence, and a sense of purpose while making their lives just a little easier. What a blessing to have worked for such a great organization!

Still, Ginny dreamed of starting her own dog training company. So, she became a trainer for Gateway Dog Training. She taught many wonderful clients (both the four-legged as well as the two-legged variety) in the privacy of their own home. She worked with lots of different breeds having behavior issues ranging from just needing to learn the puppy basics to severe phobias and leash aggression. It was both exciting and fun!

Today, Ginny is the owner and Head Trainer at Home Page - Lifetime Companion Dog Training. She’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and it’s her her goal to provide exceptional Dog Training services using up-to-date, proven, positive methods! You can often hear her say…


“I’m truly blessed! I spend every day doing what I love most… Working with dogs and people!”


Ginny currently has four dogs and two cats.
Personal Puppies

  • Buddy is a 10yr old Golden Retriever who lives for chasing squirrels and balls. He swears there’s never enough time for a good head hug!
  • Sadly Pancho passed away this May.  We miss him dearly but will see him at the rainbow bridge where I’m sure he is chasing tennis balls, wooing at the buzzards (if there are any) and cuddling.
  • Hobie is a female Aussie that loves any sort of training and guarantees it’s a good day when she gets to go with her mom to assist in training sessions.
  • Finally, Indy is the newest member of the family. She is a Jack Russell/Red Heeler mix retired from her previous, short lived career, as a hearing dog at Service Dogs, Inc. Her goal in life is to keep her mom on her toes!
  • Two kitties also bless Ginny’s family with their presence, Moose & Peanut. Both of them believe that they rule the house and are always ready to provide lively entertainment.