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Training website resources:

dog training resources
  • – Link to Pat Miller’s dog training academy, hightly recommended if you want to become a dog trainer
  • – A large selection of dog training books and DVDs
  • – Great monthly publication that unlocks the natural secrets that trigger better behavior and improved health in your dog! Whole Dog Journal guides you step-by-step through the latest natural dog health remedies and positive dog training tips and techniques that are proven safe, gentle, and effective.
  • – American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.  Position statement that clarify their views on Dominance Theory, the use of Punishment in dog training, Proper puppy socialization and Selecting a trainer.  Great Resource!
  • – Well written article on tips for adopting a rescue small dog!.  Great Information!
  • – Pet Professional Guild, Association for force free pet professionals.  Lots of info for pet owners from finding force free professionals to pet supplies
  • – Truly Dog Friendly has lots of links to find a professional as well as training resources
  • – Valuable resource for dog training tips, puppy socialization, and most things about your dog!
  • – This is a website created from a mailing list with a wealth of excellent articles on solving problems in a positive manner.
  • – provide people and their pets with the tools they need to develop lasting and successful relationships with one another and with their communities.

Dog Adoption Resources:

rescue and dog adoption

Official Certification Resources:

certified professional dog trainer
  • – Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers – international testing and certification  resource for animal training and behavior professionals.  Also has links to find Certified Professionals
  • – APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • – One of the largest animal therapy organizations in the world. Click here for details on how to become a Delta Team and what is expected once you’re certified. (previously Delta Society)
  • – Therapy Dogs International is quickly becoming a large animal therapy organization. As the name suggests, their program in international.
  • – AKC Canine Good Citizen – Certification program to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.

First Aid & Health:

pet first aid


Other Cool Stuff:

special dog information